Slot machines in duval county

Slot machines in duval county bally s hotel casino

Asked whether the legislature's failure to pass a mchines bill weakens the state's position to negotiate with the tribe over a future compact, Diaz said there are no negotiations ongoing. According to Florida regulators, slots could not be authorized in counties where these had been approved in a countywide referendum, unless said referendum had been authorized in the Constitution. The House is less keen on gambling expansion and bars regulators from issuing new slot licenses dufal gambling venues across Florida.

With less than two hours of voting to go Tuesday afternoon, Brian Hughes was a little concerned. The cuval has also received a lot of support from city leaders. First, it said state law does not authorize slots in counties that approved a voter referendum unless the referendum itself was authorized by law or in the state Constitution. Does that mean we'll have a special session on it? With percent of precincts reporting, Referendum 1 passed by a margin of 54 percent to 46 percent --"yes" votes and"no" votes.

Unable to resolve a stalemate over slot machines, a prominent lawmaker said Tuesday that the Legislature won't pass a gambling measure. Gretna Racing in Gadsden County already sued the state for the same in Duval County voted in support of adding slot machine games.”. if you are a Duval County voter and it could bring more money to Jacksonville. Currently, playing slot machines is illegal in Jacksonville.

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